Monday, August 24, 2009
Welcome One and All To The Four Ring Circus!
First and foremost, I want to welcome you to Something's Bruin: A Black and Gold Obsession of Epic Proportions. I don't know exactly what you will be expecting from this blog, but I can tell you that whatever we post will be 2 things:

1. Incredibly biased towards the Bruins
2. There will be some informative articles, however most of our content will be used to poke and prod at other teams, particularly the Canadiens.

We have 4 people who blog for Something's Bruin, each with their own unique "fandom". My name is Pezell, I will be the guy who writes 90% of the stuff on this blog. I'm the die-hard Bruins fan, the guy who paints his body black and gold, the one who wants to name his son Cameron Raymond Orr (insert last name). The same who told his fiancee that if they have a daughter she will forever wear black and gold ribbons in her hair. I'm that guy.

Mac-foo is the casual hockey fan who has just recently discovered the glory of the black and gold. He is, however, a displaced Penguins fan, but hey, we're not all perfect!

Patrick is our season ticket holder who will live in the Garden from October to (hopefully) June. He will do some live blogging and also some reviews of the best bards around the Garden.

Last if our Canadian fan Brian. CanadiAn, not CanadiEn. BCJM lives up in Ontario and unfortunately doesn't get to see many Bruins games, however he has the passion and hockey knowledge to make up for the lack of games.

These are the cast of characters in the Something's Bruin four ring circus.
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